What is Nevaeh Naturals and where did it come from?

Updated: Jul 26

Being lost in a world of confinement can truly dictate who you are and what you will become. Working a 7a.m.- 4p.m. job, Monday through Friday was a dream, at least I thought. Having the ability to pick up my kids from school, help with their homework and have dinner ready by the time my husband got home was living the AAML, All American Mom Life. Maybe so at home but at work, it was truly a different story as I became lost into the world of an image, of impressing others and denying who I was created to be.

Each day, I had to wake up no later than 5a.m., not to get breakfast started but to make certain my hair was straighten and to hide the rolls/fupa of the night before meal, you know

enough to look the par. After being told numerous of times in so many ways, "what's going on with your hair" or "Kennyecta, you got to get it together," when my natural coils tried to make her appearance. Yes my hair is a her and her name is Yunna, she was named by my bonus grandmother because when I finally found myself, I wore her proudly.... and dared someone to say other wise. Alright back to the story, year after year past of straightening my strands, I grew into someone I barely recognized in the mirror because an image had to be


It was time for my yearly exam and the doctor gave me some disturbing news of having cancerous cells. The weight of the world crashed upon me because instantly I began to think about my husband and children. I cried the entire way home. Weeks past by that grew into months of feeling sorry for myself, I was defeated by those words. I allowed 4 words, "you have cancerous cells" to have power over me.... I thought that was God's will for my life.

Waking up one morning after tossing and turning all night to restart another day of pleasing others, I felt heavy but didn't know what it could be. So as always, I got dressed and went to work. All day I felt off like I was not myself, clearly physically I wasn't myself but emotionally I was no where near being me. Once again, I cried all the way home because I was afraid as I prayed for strength to endure this race and guidance. When I arrived, I immediately went into the bathroom after grabbing a pair of kitchen sheers and began to wash away the cares of this world. Crying out to God, not only did I release what I thought the world consumed as

beautiful, I released my thoughts, my self consciousness and not knowing at the time, I began to birth my purpose. As I starred into the mirror with tears in my eyes, I wondered how

God's creation really looked. I began to cut out braided extensions hand full at a time. With each snip, I felt a burden being lifted. I felt as if I was being freed from the stipulations of this world. I continued until there was nothing left except me, a TWA (teenie weenie afro) and tears of freedom. After the massacre of my hair, that feeling of being powerful became overpowered by the thoughts of what others may think or say once they saw me and then I heard a soft whisper say, "you are beautiful my lovely creation". I smiled because I was free. A deep breath filled my lungs and tears began to flow freely as I opened the door and gradually looked up at my husband as he stood in astonishment as he gazed back into my eyes in our master bedroom. As I walked over to him, my mind raced to know what he was thinking. He pulled me in close to him and told me how beautiful I were in my natural state. Immediately, I felt the heaviness drift from the core of my soul.

That day changed my life, not only did it change the way I viewed myself as a being, it changed my reaction to how people perceived me. So when I heard those antagonizing words, "what have you done to yourself," my response was, "this is me." I took my power back. I started to research different herbs, oils and roots to determine the holistic effect each one had on the human body. That's when the downloading of formulations begin. I knew I was being led.

Fast forwarding to annual check, it was a total surprise to the doctor when she seen the results.... No cancerous cells detected! The nurse was in complete shock that a miracle took place before her eyes, so they ran the test again... No cancerous cells detected! They called me a lucky one but I call myself blessed with uncommon favor.

As I close this blog but turn the page of my journey, I want each of you to know that purpose will chase you down. You can not run from it, you can't escape from it, you can not hide from it. When God has an ordained plan for your life, it will find you. No matter how He have to get it to you, He will.

I am the woman I am today because of research, experiment, error and taking a chance on natural premium ingredients. I am unbreakable, tamed, strengthen, rooted and defined. I am Nevaeh Naturals.

It is our honor to present clean, chemical free products to you and your loves. We magnify self love and self care because you are naturally beautiful.

"Embrace yourself, love yourself and most importantly take care of yourself."

`Nevaeh Naturals



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