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It's Reset Time!

Whew, what a long week it has been. Wife duties, mommy duties, entrepreneur duties.... but what happened to self duties?

We tend to neglect ourselves during the week by placing our self care needs on the back end to take care of and manage our household. So today, let's recommit ourselves to us. No it's not selfish, but think about it, if you don't take a moment to take care of you, how will you continue to fulfill the duties of others?

Here are a couple of self care measures to get you motivated:

1. After the kids are tucked away, put on your favorite playlist, fill your tub with your favorite bubble bath or bath bomb, grab you a glass of your desired drink, dim those lights or turn them off to light that special candle and just soak. Breathe and release, enjoying nothing but your quiet time.

2. Meditate! No matter if you are flexible or not, pick a quiet spot and enjoy the peace and quiet as you focus on renewing your spirit, body and soul.

3. Dance, yes honey dance.... Okay so I'm not one that has the best rhythm but once I put on my favorite playlist get in front of a mirror and dance, the cares of the world instantly drops and my self esteem raises to the roof and I'm my own enjoyed love.

No matter your tactic, just do it. You will be beyond thankful you did.

"Embrace yourself, love yourself and most importantly take care of yourself."

`Nevaeh Naturals


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