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Sweet Meadow Perfume Oil

Sweet Meadow Perfume Oil


Discover Sublime Sophistication with Sweet Meadow Perfume Oil


Unveil the essence of natural beauty with Nevaeh Naturals Sweet Meadow Perfume Oil. A hidden gem that speaks volumes, this perfume oil embodies sophistication with a dreamy twist. 


Hints of cherries, vanilla and sweet muscadine grapes.


Key Features:

Subtle Sophistication: Sweet Meadow Perfume Oil exudes an understated elegance that captivates the senses. Its delicate yet alluring fragrance is sophisticated yet dreamy, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.

Grown Yet Sexy: With a unique blend of botanical notes, Sweet Meadow Perfume Oil strikes the perfect balance between maturity and allure. It's the scent of a woman who is confident, sophisticated, and undeniably sexy, with a playful twist.


Pair Sweet Meadow Perfume Oil with Nevaeh Naturals Sweet Meadow Body Butter and Scrub for an immersive sensory experience that pushes you over the edge of tranquility. Embrace the intense allure of Sweet Meadow and embark on a journey of sublime indulgence.

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