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Personal Hair Coach

Personal Hair Coach


Are you tired of trying to determine the needs of your hair? Are you needing a hair coach to give you the motivation and push to keep going so your hair can reach it's fullest potential. Do you have a hair goal in mind but unsure how to reach it? Book me, your personal hair coach. I am determined to coach and encourage you along the way.


Hi there. I am Kennyecta, your personal hair coach! I am eager to assist you with your hair care journey. Searching the web can be quite scary and overwhelming when you are trying to gain knowledgeable information pertaining to hair growth.... which products to use, how to use them, when to use them, is it suitable for YOUR journey and so many more thoughts can fill your head. This is where I come in.


Within this subscription, you will receive:

* Detailed "broken down" information

* Recommended products for your hair journey

* Hair care regimen

* Your personalized Promo Code to receive discounts on Nevaeh Naturals products

* Scheduled 30 minute Zoom OR phone calls (2 per month- subject to change)

* Direct contact to me via phone

* Motivation


Yahhhh! It's time to reach your desired goal. Let's work hand in hand to a strong, rooted, strengthen, revitalized new you.


I can't wait for our sessions to begin.


Kennyecta West-Green

Nevaeh Naturals, CEO

Price Options
Personal Hair Coach
$150.00every month until canceled
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